Advance preparation yields best results for many of our treatments.  Our guidelines follow.  Expect additional customization once you meet with your treatment provider. 
If you have any questions, just ask!
  • Spray Tans: for best results

    • Schedule 1-3 days prior to your event or vacation. Shower, shave & exfoliate 4-24 hrs prior to your appointment. After, PLEASE APPLY light moisturizer (highly recommended) but AVOID heavy creams & oils. Plan to remove makeup & deodorant. Your tan needs to sit peacefully on the skin for a few hours: plan to wear/bring dark-colored, loose, long clothing & flipflops/slippers to wear after. Plan to not sweat or get wet. Have umbrella/raincoat on hand just in case. During your session, wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Dark-colored undergarments are recommended if you choose. Men must wear bottoms. Mani/Pedi, facials, waxing, massage all MUST be done prior to your Spray Tan. If you are peeling from a sunburn, PLEASE wait till all has shed this will disturb best results.

  • Waxing:

    • Exfoliate gently always; avoid sun exposure before appointments as we cannot wax burned skin; discontinue retinoids and/or strong acne meds 4-7 days in advance (consult esthetician for individual recommendation)

  • Lash Extensions:

    • Please avoid wearing any eye makeup or eye creams to your appointment.  We can remove them to an extent, but lingering cosmetics on the lashes prevent proper adhesion.  Avoid scheduling the same day you fly.  Be sure to let us know when booking if you're currently wearing any extensions from another provider.  If any existing extensions are affixed to more than one lash, we'll have to remove them so that we can apply your fresh extension in the 1:1 lash to extension ratio that is known to be safest.

  • Pedicures:

    • Avoid shaving legs the day of a pedicure, as recommended by the board of health.  Even though we use single-use sanitary pedicure bowl liners and pipeless jets, it's still regarded as the best way to avoid irritation to the skin on your legs.

  • Facials and Clinical Skincare:

    • Your instructions for subsequent appointments will be customized by your aesthetician, but for the first visit we suggest *not* discontinuing any of your home skin care in advance.  Some spas prefer to have guests discontinue retinols and hydroxy acids in advance; our method is to evaluate your skin as-is under your current home care regimen and modify treatment to suit.  This means you should complete our Confidential Intake Form with a high degree of accuracy regarding the frequency and type of home exfoliation, acne products, and anti-aging skincare you're using so that we can take that into consideration as we make treatment choices in the room.

  • Medspa Treatments:

    • These stronger, more involved aesthetic treatments will only be performed once we have had a chance to work with your skin in a facial or clinical exfoliation session, so your aesthetician will be on hand

    • to make specific, customized pretreatment recommendations.  Still, as a rule of thumb, Intensive Peels and Microneedling require discontinuing retinol and hydroxy acids (including those you may be using from Spa Aeon) for at least a week prior to treatment.  Again, your individual protocol will depend on your skin, and your aesthetician is the best person to guide you in preparing for these results-oriented sessions.

After Care

Aftercare can be as highly customized as your Spa Aeon treatment, but here's some general information about downtime and aftercare to help you plan.
Again, if you have any questions, just ask!
  • Spray Tans:

    • With our Regular formula you may shower 8+ hours after application. Our convenient Rapid formula, 2-4 hours. Each tan will take a total of 8-10 hours to FULLY develop. All after-care will be explained by your Tan Expert during your appointment. It is important to have NO moisture on the body until your first shower. This includes sweat, rain, splashes, doggie kisses, tight clothing/bras/socks/shoes, rubbing. Also avoid touching your skin with your hands. If ANYTHING happens, blend it out with a DRY cloth & all will be buffed out in the first shower. IMPORTANT: please use a sulfate free body wash (not dove) in every shower.  Shaving with a FRESH razor is a must. DO NOT exfoliate until your tan is worn off. Moisturizing after EVERY shower is the key to savoring your tan. Quality products are important as lesser may inhibit your results. It's all about pH & hydrated skin! We have plenty of products to choose from at the Spa, just ask With proper care, results will last 7-10 days!

  • Waxing:

    • Follow your esthetician's post waxing instructions about resuming exfoliation, and be sure to avoid the sun!

  • Lash Extensions:

    • You're going to want to avoid oils, oil based eye makeup removers, steam, and sleeping on your face to the best of your abilities while wearing extensions.  Avoiding steam and water is most important in the first 24 hours, so our clients who get both facials and lashes usually schedule their facial first.

  • Traditional Nail Services:

    • We'll try to catch this when we help you book, but when scheduling, remember that if you're having traditional polish (as opposed to gel or powder dip), you'll need drying time, so it's best to schedule nails after any facials, waxing, massage, or other services that would necessitate that you disrobe.  The exception is spray tans, which should be the very last service in your visit.

  • Facials and Clinical Skincare:

    • Aftercare instructions vary quite a bit from person to person and treatment to treatment.  Sometimes we ask you to skip a night or two of retinol, apply extra moisturizer, or in certain cases to leave the skin uncovered if we want to accelerate a peel.  Icing extraction sites and protecting your skin from the sun are always recommended, and we want you to let us know if anything unexpected happens with your skin after treatment - we are happy to help!

  • Medspa Treatments:

    • These treatments often lead to what we call "social downtime," often for a week or so, which may involve temporary tightening, redness, darkening, flaking, peeling, etc.  Your aesthetician will have a pretty good idea of what you can expect, within a range of outcomes.  It's best to schedule a buffer of about a week between these treatments and any major events in your personal or professional life.