💗 Hello sweet ones!  We hope this message finds you well! 🤗

2020 is a doozy and we are here to melt away some of that stress, through skin rejuvenation, in-spa relaxation, and home skincare to brighten and clear.  Our precautions informed by our specialties as well as the dental and medical fields. For those remaining at home, we are delighted to fulfill your nectin.com orders to maintain that glow!


On the day of each Spa Aeon appointment, please click HERE to complete your Contactless Check-in, Screening Assessment, and Acknowledgement of Risk, being sure to click Submit at the end.  If at this time you answer yes to any questions on this short screening, we will reschedule with no penalty for a future date.  If you do, please text us immediately at 404-496-8763 so that we can adjust the schedule.  No-shows without notification are still subject to the full fee per our cancellation policy.  Upon arrival, please remain in your car and text us at 404-496-8763 so we can bring you into the spa.


Your Visit:

  • Please ensure your mask is comfortably in place before texting us for entry

  • We’ll take your temperature with a contactless thermometer (ours are displayed)

  • We’ll proceed to your treatment area with you and make the determination together about if, how, and when to remove and replace your mask based on the nature of the service you’re receiving

  • Your service will proceed as normal with your therapist executing strict glove, mask, and surface sanitation protocols

  • Your therapist will give you instructions at the end for dressing, replacing your mask, and exiting the treatment room

  • Please refrain from touching products on the shelf - let us get that for you!

  • Checkout will proceed as usual with the iPad wiped before and after each use - for cash, we are happy to sanitize your hands and ours after handling


Our precautions for you:

  • Hygiene protocols remain standard and customary

  • HEPA + UVC air filter in place

  • Each of us will answer the Assessment questions daily and our daily temperatures will be posted on the whiteboard in the lobby

  • We’ll be gloved and masked for your entire service

  • We’ll be dispensing products for your service at the beginning of treatment after a verbal assessment, gloved, before our gloves touch you.  If we need to touch a sanitary surface again during the session, we’ll complete hand sanitation and glove change.

  • We’ll disinfect our implements as usual with an EPA registered disinfectant after each use

  • Tables have been fitted with vinyl protective coverings that are wiped with disinfectant between guest linen changes

  • We’ll be scheduling extra time to attend to disinfecting all surfaces throughout the spa (chairs, doorknobs, light switches, restroom and checkout touch surfaces) after each visit 

  • Sadly we won’t be shaking hands or hugging you, but we greet you from a safe distance!


As precautions have changed, we are more appreciative than ever of your patience with our new process!  We want to do everything we can to keep you safe.