Massage Therapy

Spa Aeon is pleased to offer highly customized therapeutic massage ranging from Swedish relaxation massage to athletic recovery techniques.  Clinical licensed massage therapists listen to your body and alignment concerns, palpate to find areas of tension, and communicate with you throughout the massage to ensure safe and restorative results.


The spa is an enticing destination for results-oriented massage no matter which therapist you see. Between Chelsea and Abby, you have two very intuitive professional therapists with common goals. Both use a combination of techniques, and our sessions are highly customized. Chelsea is a graduate of Asheville School of Massage and Yoga, and is currently pursuing trauma-sensitive Iyengar yoga training at Mystic Lotus Yoga. Abby is a graduate of Georgia Massage School and her continuing education focus is in the prestigious Esalen style, emphasizing support of the body's own healing processes. Both therapists are outstanding listeners and your session will always be built around your individual concerns, so you don't have to choose between two different therapists - book your massage on our website, and know that our team will meet your needs.


🎯 45 Minute Express Target Area Massage


🌀 60 Minute Full Body Massage


💝 75 Minute Therapist's Favorite Massage


⏳ 90 Minute Extended Full Body


➕ Massage Add-On


Add vigorous rejuvenating hand or foot exfoliation with hot towels to the end of any massage

*longer lengths available upon request

Transformative healing experience


​God bless you, Christine and the miraculous massage therapist Chelsea Weyler. I had the misfortune of being in a serious car accident and was experiencing severe pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulder. Chelsea combined strength, skill and great sensitivity as she carefully worked out several areas of stress up and down my spine and in my limbs, as well. This was a transformative healing experience for me. I left Spa Aeon a new man--feeling relaxed, revitalized and pain free. I definitely look forward to enjoying more of the skin and body therapies offered by Christine and the sublime team at Spa Aeon. With gratitude, Edward McNally