đź’— Hello sweet ones!  We hope this message finds you well! 🤗

Spa Aeon's precautions are informed by our specialties as well as the dental and medical fields. For those remaining at home, we are delighted to fulfill your nectin.com orders to maintain that glow!


Our commitment to health and sanitation remains.  In addition to our acquired immunity, we'll continue to mask up for your service by default unless you let us know otherwise.  We do not require you to wear a mask.


Our precautions for you:

  • Hygiene protocols remain standard and customary

  • HEPA + UVC air filter in place

  • We glove during sensitive portions of services as directed by treatment protocols

  • We’ll disinfect our implements as usual with an EPA registered disinfectant after each use

  • Tables have been fitted with vinyl protective coverings that are wiped with disinfectant between guest linen changes

  • We continue disinfecting all surfaces throughout the spa (chairs, doorknobs, light switches, restroom and checkout touch surfaces) after each visit 

  • Hugs are once again welcome!

As precautions have changed, we are more appreciative than ever of your patience with our new process!  We want to do everything we can to keep you safe.