Frequently asked questions

Can I book any of Spa Aeon's aestheticians for an in-home facial party?

In accordance with our clinical approach to skincare, we cannot in good conscience provide or recommend at-home facial services. In addition to operating in a licensed facility with safety and sanitation protocols, the complexity of our tools and treatments to safely assess and work with the skin does rely on our extensive professional setup here at the spa. We'd love to host your group on site of course!!

I don't break out much or have acne, but I do have blackheads. What facial would you recommend?

Hi! We'd love to help (facial virgins are very welcome here). Our Acne Program is a systematic approach to treating the root cause of ALL acne-type presentations (blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, papules, cysts) through reconditioning the follicular lining of the pores. We find that most people who "don't break often" DO still have some accumulation of cellular debris in the follicles!
You can read more about our acne program here:

Are your facials, massages, and treatments just for women, or can men receive them as well?

Hi! We welcome men and women into our spa, and would love to treat you! To view our full service list, visit the "Spa Services" menu!

There are so many choices on your clinical skincare menu. How do I figure out what to book?

Our most popular skincare treatment by a landslide is the Aeon Infusion Facial because it is so highly customizable upon assessment of your skin and goals. Book THAT!

Do I need to change my home skincare before my appointment?

Not unless instructed by your Spa Aeon aesthetician. While other providers may request pausing certain active ingredients, we like to see your skin as-is for most visits. If discontinuation is ever indicated or requested, we will let you know!

Can I get Botox and fillers at Spa Aeon? What about mole checks and skin cancer screenings?

Our aestheticians pride themselves on keeping your skin in its healthiest, most vibrant condition. Rather than trying to be everything for everyone, we happily provide our clients with referrals to exceptionally talented, board-certified professionals for medical services at this time. Just ask!