Acne Program

The effective path to perennial clear skin combines thoughtful at-home and in-office treatments.  We calibrate these to progress in strength as we rebuild your skin's barrier & simultaneously free it from the buildup that results in breakouts.  


Primary Phase...


Acne Tx - Intensive Primary  ($175) visit at Spa Aeon

Visit blends a consultation AND an initial hands-on treatment

Treatment exfoliates and extracts active acne

Added LED phototherapy reduces sensitivity and kickstarts your clear skin journey.  

Introduction to your CLEAR KIT, which you will be expected to purchase and use exclusively

Learn about gradually synchronizing active ingredients to your skin with a customized application schedule

CLEAR KIT is $252, includes all of the home skincare you will need, start to finish, and will last 3 months.


Routine Phase


Acne Tx - Routine visits in the Spa at 2 week ($95) and 3 week ($105) intervals

Scheduled based on improvement

Routine Acne TX  visits consist of mild to moderate skin peeling and precision extractions

It is vital to the clearing process that you make and maintain your appointments at the prescribed intervals

Delaying in-spa treatment past 21 days in Phase 2 means  you'll need an Intensive Refresher ($135) to resume Routine treatments

Closely follow ajustments your Æsthetician makes to your personalized  application schedule at home


Graduate Phase!

Intensive Refresher ($135) on a maintenance schedule of every 6 – 8 weeks, graduate style

With excellent adherence during the Routine phase, our dedicated clients arrive at healthy, clear skin in an average of four months!  

Home-care remains a vital part of your clear skin journey

Refill items from your CLEAR KIT (priced individually) each time you visit

Phase 3 begins eligibility for acne scar revision services from Medi Aesthetics Menu

These may include Coral Calcium or Intensive Peels, Pulsed Microphototherapy, Microneedling, or Plasma

Long before your skin started breaking out, a combination of factors began to interact, affecting the lining of your pores & making your breakouts inevitable.  At Spa Aeon, we don't just treat the visible breakouts – instead, we created a system for reconditioning the skin to mitigate the causes.  Most acne products on the market will dry out a few active blemishes, but leave skin red, irritated, and also contribute to the inflammatory cycle of your next breakout.  Once we have retrained your pores to release dead skin cells and oil on a healthy timeline, your skin will no longer be at the mercy of hormones and stress!

Christine Giustra,  Spa Aeon Founder

Acne Program Treatments and Fees

  Priced as follows: Aeon Staff Æsthetician Rate | {Christine's Rate}


$175 | {225} | 75 Minutes

Your very fist Acne visit, this is a 75 min consultative treatment facial with a review of lifestyle and dietary contributors, skin testing, mild to to moderate exfoliation paired with gentle deep pore extractions, high frequency, and calming LED light therapy to kickstart your clear skin journey.  In this visit you'll also be introduced to your CLEAR KIT and assigned a roadmap for home use between sessions.  Should be repeated if treatment has lapsed by 4 months or more, or in the event of major hormonal change.


$95 | {130} | 45 minutes

During the primary clearing phase, visits at an interval of 2 weeks ensure our ability to remove skin impactions, refresh the skin's surface, and improve permeability of home care.  Slight adjustments to the home care schedule may be made. 


$105 | {145} | 45 minutes

As skin shows improvement, your Æsthetician will recommend a shift to 3-week intervals, which enable us to continue deeper pore refinement while you take over surface renewal at home.  Slight adjustments to the home care schedule may be made.


$135 | {175} | 1 hour

60 Minute Acne treatment that incorporates a longer extraction session and LED phototherapy, this session is used for program Graduates, and also those who have experienced a delay of more than 21 days in their Routine Phase.


$15 | 10min (fee waived in certain cases)

Touch-ups may be recommended as indicated by session progress.  They last no more than 10 minutes, and usually comprise 1-3 active extractions between sessions during the Routine Phase.



Your customized kit replaces ALL existing skincare you have at home, including cleansers, acne medications, moisturizers, and sunscreens.  We've tried clearing skin all the ways, and we've found that success relies on using acne actives in a structured, progressive dosage-over-time approach to home skincare.  Our treatment program builds on this approach, so while we know it's an initial outlay, we are confident that using the right care for your skin will reduce your overall skincare expenditure while ensuring ongoing clear skin.  As a matter of professional ethics, we no longer attempt the Acne Program with individuals unwilling to change skincare - you simply wouldn't see results. 

A thorough consultation to discover the history and features of your particular skin challenges

Routine visits every 2 weeks while active/ inflammatory

Routine visits every 3 weeks while approaching clearer skin

Resuming treatment ASAP  if you fall off schedule (book the Intensive Refresher if this happens)

Using home-care that is personally selected for you, following your customized application guidelines

ONLY using makeup approved by your Æsthetician to avoid impeding your skin's progress

Icing the skin when tempted to touch acne

Consistency with specific nutrient supplementation if recommended by your Æsthetician

Postponing/ rescheduling your acne care visits

Having an acne treatment only "every once in a while," scheduling just during breakouts, or to get ready for a special occasion, or leaving the program early (acne comes back with a vengeance)

Using your CLEAR KIT sporadically or not at all

Sunbathing or tanning, as these are particularly dangerous while being treated for acne

Using ANY makeup or skincare that hasn't been approved by your Æsthetician, including sunscreen, moisturizer (even if your skin feels dry), and acne meds

Picking, squeezing, and scratching your acne 

Beginning treatment before you can commit to the visits, which include some discomfort, and the home skin care.  It's fine to wait until you're ready!

What Works

What Doesn't Work